EES - April 2014

April 2014

Port Security

An integrated security system (ISS) will optimise global port security (26/03/2014)

Security threats, sabotage and acts of terrorism are becoming progressively more advanced throughout the world. The marine industry is seeing increasing piracy attacks on sea vessels globally and especially off the coast of East Africa, and ports are becoming more vulnerable to threats to national security.

It is therefore vital to enhance and optimise the security of ships and port facilities worldwide. Technological advances, particularly leading edge developments in integrated security systems, are being used to do this.

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Security – a global concern

Amid speculations of hijacking, sabotage and psychological issues of the passengers and / or crew, which have dominated the news recently around the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH370, security threats in the transport industry have become a matter of international interest. EES believes that the design and implementation of leading edge security systems, with optimal, integrated and automated control, will go a long way to benefitting all transportation hubs globally. In this regard, EES has been focusing on shipping and port security in the form of an Integrated Security System (ISS)


EES is pleased to launch their white papers on industry trends and developments. Each of our staff are encouraged to research and write a white paper in their field of relevant experience and expertise. The papers cover topics including smart grids, audio visual systems, network security and renewable energy. As we have introduced the issue of security in this newsletter, you may find this port security white paper interesting. Take a look at our website or Slideshare today and download EES’ whitepapers for free.       


We welcome our new Office Administrator to the EES office in Johannesburg. Ntosh Mnguni’s diverse knowledge and experience ranges from communication and IT to operations and marketing management. We know she will add a great deal of value to EES and most importantly to our clients. We are pleased to have you on board Ntosh!  


Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director