EES - August 2013

August 2013

Green construction

Green construction: critical to SA’s built industry (07/05/13)

The South African built industry recognises that green construction is imperative if we are to reduce carbon emissions and leave a world that will be habitable for future generations. The move to green is therefore rapidly gaining momentum here, in line with the global focus on ensuring a green, sustainable environment, and the international commitment to reducing energy consumption.

“The worldwide focus on sustainability, rising electricity prices and triple bottom line reporting are forcing companies to become increasingly aware of their carbon footprint,” states Jaco Cronje, a Director at EES, an ISO 9001 professional engineering and management company, and a leader in project managing the provision of information technology (IT) solutions to the built environment.

Essential to the construction of a green building is integration of IT and multiple system intelligent infrastructure, and in overseeing this integration EES proactively assists its clients to reduce their carbon footprint and wherever possible curtail any practices which negatively impact on the environment.

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Focusing on sustainability

The beginning of August sees Doug Kennaugh [Pr.Eng B.Sc Eng (Electr)] boosting the EES Johannesburg team as Senior Project Manager and Technology Executive. With over 25 years of valuable IT experience, Doug specializes in the integration of ICT services within the built environment. A big welcome to Doug!


With environmental sustainability becoming increasingly urgent throughout the world, we at EES are intensifying our emphasis on green construction in all the developments in which we are involved. ‘Green construction: critical to SA’s built industry’ outlines the role which the integration of IT and multiple system intelligent infrastructure can contribute to curtailing practices which negatively impact on the environment.       


Integral to the subject of sustainability is of course the challenge to supply clean energy in the most efficient way possible. With this in mind, I presented at the Sustainability Week EXPO held at the Sandton Convention Centre last month, and outlined the challenges inherent in implementing a smart grid. An ideal mix of technologies, regulations and people are needed to achieve this – a classic management problem.  


July saw us undertaking another type of initiative to help build a better world. We undertook two fun-filled, yet meaningful projects on Nelson Mandela Day. The Cape Town team painted the town … white. They spent 67 minutes painting the Community Advice Centre and Home Based Care Room at Westlake Village which is home to 10 000 disadvantaged people. The Johannesburg office assisted school children at Salvazione Primary School in Brixton with their reading and writing. It was “a real feel-good morning” for all!


Our marketing team has expanded to keep pace with developments, and we are enhancing our social media platforms. Take a look at Twitter now on our www home page, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and slideshare


Here is to a busy, successful month for all our clients, associates and stakeholders!  

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director