EES - February 2014

February 2014

Security Systems

Security in the network environment (24/01/2014)

Threats to network security are escalating dramatically. Technology advancements in social media, mobile devices, wifi and cloud services are increasing a company’s vulnerability to attacks. Cyber risks and cyber threats are a major concern for large revenue generating organisations.

It is therefore crucial for organisations today to become more proactive and to invest in technologies that secure their networks and company data.

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CCTV security

Leading edge CCTV security technology (29/11/2013)

The latest in security technology is the Interactive 3D Map and Time Compressor. EES, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, providing management, engineering and technical auditing services, considers this technology integral to CCTV security systems which the company designs for public and private companies globally.

Through flexibility and freedom of configuration this leading edge technology enables simultaneous video recording and real-time security surveillance. The technology is suitable for any industry requiring CCTV security.

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From My Pen

Wishing clients and associates a dynamic 2014

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all EES clients and associates a productive, dynamic and rewarding 2014. I trust we will continue to work together and support each other in realising our individual company aspirations and goals.


It is particularly encouraging to see the upbeat market predictions for this year. According to recent reports, Africa’s economic growth prospects remain relatively robust. In its ‘EY Rapid- Growth Markets Forecast 2013’, professional services firm, EY, states that the interaction of improving infrastructure and information technology is making possible new kinds of business and marketing. This is backed by other recent forecasts contending that numerous companies the world over, including those in Africa, plan to boost investment in technology this year.       


However with increased investment in technology and ICT, comes a heightened need to overcome growing threats to network security, and strengthen security in the workplace. This is one of the issues we at EES are currently focusing on, as outlined in recent press releases ‘Security in the network environment‘ and ‘Leading edge CCTV security technology’.  


Already making a valuable contribution to EES’ technology and ICT endeavors is Manelisi Cele (Nat. Dip: Information Technology – Software Engineering), who joined our team as Design Technician at the end of last year. His experience in software engineering includes key projects, such as management of accounts in terms of specific technical and service offerings, as well as business analysis and business architecture. A big welcome to Manelisi!


2014 brings with it two very significant sporting events, the 2014 Brazil World Cup, stadia preparations for which we are proud to have contributed, and the 2014 Winter Olympics starting in Sochi, Russia, in two days time. We wish all athletes at these events the very best of luck!

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director