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June 2015

Urban security

The urban environment and security (26/05/2015)

“To reduce the risk of becoming a crime statistic, South Africans are increasingly being confronted with pressure to implement progressively more advanced technical solutions. Many people have come to believe that purchasing a solution will prevent crime. However, technology is only one of the components of successful crime prevention.”

This is according to Rob Anderson, Executive Director on the Board of EES Africa (Pty) Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing management, engineering and auditing services throughout Africa. Anderson is a specialist in integrated security and electrical engineering, and has firsthand experience in witnessing prevailing crime trends.

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Facilitating effective crime prevention

Effective and reliable security measures are becoming increasingly sought after. It is essential to remain aware of and implement the best technology and practices available.


The urban environment and security’ outlines the latest developments in security and covers the concept of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). The release highlights the fact that a successful integrated security solution comprises both technology and, as importantly, people. Used in conjunction with each other these elements can produce a local urban environment, which deters criminal behaviour and assists in crime prevention.


EES Africa (Pty) Ltd project manages the installation of integrated security, urban and residential security, and has recently been appointed to carry out the electrical engineering and integrated security for a residential and golf estate near Centurion. This project is expected to be complete in last quarter of 2016.


The world of technology is changing tremendously fast and constantly evolving. Organizational leaders are faced with major concerns as to how best to address change implementation. Vicky Killian, Project Manager for EES Africa, based in our Johannesburg office, discusses the requirements and implications of change management in our latest white paper, ‘Time for a CHANGE’.


We welcome further advice and tips from our clients and associates on how best to manage change in the ever evolving technology industry.



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