EES - March 2014

March 2014

Renewable energy

Security in the network environment (24/01/2014)

A key revision outlined in South Africa’s draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) revision (Update report 2013), is the proposed substantial increase in solar renewable energy capacity, both Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

The draft IRP revision proposes that the PV allocation be increased by 1330 MW, while CSP allocation, which to date has only been given a low MW capacity, be increased by a substantial 2100 MW. The increased solar energy allocation, if implemented, would of course contribute to alleviating the country’s inconsistent, unreliable power supply, by diversifying energy resources and boosting energy security.

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Eventful company undertakings and industry challenges

March 2014 marks a historic moment for EES, with so many exciting changes and developments within the company. EES launched its new brand, EES Africa (Pty) Ltd, in order to better position ourselves with our clients and strive to be market leaders in our industry. As from 1 March, we are no longer trading as a Close Corporate (CC), the key objective of this change being to optimise client service.


Despite the official name change, we will still be known as EES in our day-to-day business dealings and continue to deliver outstanding client service, timeously and within budget. As part of the development of the company, EES Johannesburg office has moved from Bryanston to new office premises in Rosebank. EES continues to grow by undertaking an increasing number of projects and by appointing additional staff members, and these larger offices are better suited to our business operations. Furthermore, having the Rosebank Gautrain station on our doorstep vastly improves access to the office for staff and clients alike.       


February saw an escalation in the severity of the power crisis South Africa is experiencing. Electricity supply was "very tight" and power utility, Eskom, battled to keep the lights on due to outages at a number of plants. EES believes that the implementation of solar renewable energy, in which we are involved, will make a significant contribution to overcoming this problem.  


South Africa’s draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) revision has proposed a substantial increase in solar renewable energy capacity. We welcome this proposal and look forward to hearing if these increases will be promulgated. Not only would an increased allocation help alleviate the country’s inconsistent power supply, but as importantly it would lead to a number of other very positive spin-offs and benefits, such as local socio-economic development and a reduction in carbon emissions.


Look out for an invitation to the opening of our new Rosebank office premises, which will take place in April!

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director