EES - November 2016

November 2016

Digital transformation – keeping pace with progress

A technological revolution of unsurpassed dimensions, digital transformation is taking place at breakneck speed and is radically changing the face of client interactions. Consumers are becoming ever more demanding, and suppliers and service providers need to confront tough new challenges to stay ahead of their game.

Implications of digital transformation are two fold:
- Changing communication with clients;
- Optimising your company’s technological offerings and operational efficiency.

Leaders should aim to capitalise on growth areas, erode market share of traditional competition, and adopt an entrepreneurial spirit of experimentation making use of new and flexible approaches.

From My Pen

The race to implement FTTH / FTTB

“The staggering speeds of Fiber-to- the-home (FTTH) and Fiber-to- the-business (FTTB) can touch every industry, every home and every individual. This transformation will come at a pace we can barely imagine and change our expectations of what technology can do in our lives.”


These rapid developments in FTTH / FTTB technology were pivotal issues addressed at the FTTH Council Africa’s annual Conference in Cape Town, which I attended last month. There are tremendous opportunities in the delivery of FTTH / FTTB solutions in South Africa and it was extremely beneficial to share ideas with various industry players. This year one of the topics on which the Conference focused was the community and the benefits of the technology to gated residential communities and security estates.


How can FTTH / FTTB best drive value in these communities and estates? We at EES Africa are utilizing our experience to design the network, project manage its implementation and optimize the solutions this technology offers. 


Please be in touch to discuss your FTTH / FTTB requirements further. We look forward to exploring all opportunities with you.



Managing Director