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October 2014

The smart grid in SA

Smart grid implementation barriers in SA (26/09/2014)

A smart grid facilitates the efficient, intelligent use of available energy and can achieve significant energy savings. This is of tremendous benefit to South Africa which is experiencing a severe energy crisis. However, there are certain barriers to implementing a smart grid in the country.

“A smart grid can be defined as an evolved grid system which has been expanded through the addition of intelligence that manages electricity demand in a sustainable, reliable and economic manner,” explains Jaco Cronje, Operations Director for EES Africa (Pty) Ltd ( “The smart grid allows the integration of all types of power generation, including renewables. Smart grids are an integral part of smart cities.”

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EES Africa (Pty) Ltd welcomed the recent news by the Department of Science and Technology of the appointment of new members to the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) to push the government’s innovation agenda. We look forward to seeing how the contribution of innovation aids the improvement of the quality of life of South Africans as well as the promotion of sustainable economic growth in South Africa and international competitiveness.


What is your Mobility Strategy?  


Advances in digital infrastructure are changing the working environment. This trend means that it is necessary to have a mobility strategy and technology in place to ensure people can communicate and conduct business irrespective of their location. A key element of this strategy is to ensure that no or very little downtime is experienced should a communication device be lost or stolen. This enables a company to perform at maximum capacity at all times. Kim Greyling, Business Analyst & PA to Managing Director, describes exactly what a mobility strategy entails and the technology needed to implement one in EES’ latest white paper, ‘With the evolution of technology, a comprehensive mobility strategy is imperative’.


Smart grid implementation  


The grid today is evolving into a smart grid. This will assist South Africa in managing its energy and reduce consumption. It will bring to the industry new technology and intelligence, as well as optimise efficiency. Integral to the smart grid is the smart meter which is used to provide information and enable customer control and knowledge of energy usage. However, there are certain barriers to implementing a smart grid in the country, and these are covered in the release ‘Smart grid implementation barriers in SA’. All industry players – Government, utilities, vendors and consumers – need to collaborate to overcome these barriers and achieve the smart grid.


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