EES - September 2013

September 2013

Renewable Energy

EES enters the PV renewable energy sector (31/08/13)

EES, an ISO 9000 certified company, which provides management, engineering and technical auditing solutions, has embarked on a contract in the renewable energy sector, applying its engineering project management techniques to two solar Photovoltaic (PV) plants in the Northern Cape. These plants form a significant part of the extensive solar energy developments currently being undertaken in the Northern Cape and surrounding areas. In continually adapting to industry requirements, EES is using its project management capabilities to move into the burgeoning field of renewable energy. The company strongly believes that the current move to alternative energy resources in South Africa is crucial in a country desperately needing to balance energy supply and demand through a progressive new supply policy drive.

“South Africa, a country beset by dire power capacity challenges, is increasingly turning towards renewable energy, and this new era of renewable energy generation, while still in its early stages, is nevertheless fast gaining momentum,” states Bradley Hemphill, Managing Director of EES. “It is also vital that the country moves away from its reliance on coal-fired power and reduces its carbon footprint. The use of alternative clean energy sources is a natural step in the right direction.” PV utilises panels with semiconductor material to convert solar radiation into electricity.

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From My Pen

From The Cloud To The Northern Cape RE Industry

Migration to Cloud Computing is one of the latest developments in the Information Technology realm. The cloud is proving crucial to enhancing EES’ client service, to ensuring quicker response times to client needs, and to boosting productivity and adaptability.


A pivotal element of this global cloud-based IT phenomenon is cloud communications, and this is the first element which EES has implemented. We have in operation a Unified Communications System (UCS) in-house integrating soft phones, desk phones, mobile phones and e-mail clients.       


UCS is the integration of real-time communication services like presence information, voice services and instant sharing of data. This technology enables us to communicate with you, our clients, no matter where you are, and to keep connected to our employees whether they are at satellite offices or a customer site. With the virtual environment increasingly becoming a reality for the future office, UCS is invaluable. We have seen a number of improvements both at an internal organisation level and in the project delivery realm. I would love to share our lessons learnt with you!  


In the developing world we operate in, EES has proven its abilities to adapt and grow with key future markets. Like Cloud Computing, Renewable Energy is fundamental to the sustainability of South Africa. Not only is our country confronted with dire power capacity challenges with demand exceeding supply, but it also needs to move away from its reliance on coal-fired power and reduce its carbon footprint.


The use of alternative clean energy sources is a natural step in the right direction, and we embraced the opportunity earlier this year to contribute to energy generation in our country. By employing our project management capabilities, we are assisting with two photovoltaic (PV) plants in the Northern Cape.


We hope this project is just the start of many more similar initiatives to come in the burgeoning and rewarding renewable energy field. 

Bradley Hemphill
Managing Director