EES - September 2014

September 2014

IT and construction

IT in Africa’s construction industry (31/08/2014)

An integral component of today’s construction industry is Information Technology (IT). Utilising the data it generates, IT contributes significantly to meeting industry needs and adapts to and supports construction trends. It is in fact one of the core utilities or services that support an infrastructure. This results in tremendous risk to the business should there be any IT downtime. To mitigate downtime, it is necessary to build resilience into IT components and design.

Industry context and trends

How does IT support construction industry trends? “Some of the trends Africa is currently experiencing are increasing industrialisation and urbanisation. Related to this is a rise in energy demands. These trends lead to the need for increased access to, usage and sharing of data which is generated or ‘pulled’ by IT,” says Jaco Cronje, Operations Director for EES Africa (Pty) Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

From My Pen

EES takes a look at solar technology and construction risk management

South Africa is facing the challenge of addressing a backlog in low cost housing of up to 2.3 million houses. By utilising South Africa’s yearly average of 2,500 hours of sunlight, EES suggests that solar technology is a cost-effective solution for providing energy to low cost houses. However, there are many different factors and types of equipment to take into consideration. Ghumaid Abdurahman, Intern, EES Africa (Pty) Ltd, describes the equipment available and advises on the best combination in his white paper ‘Sustainable solar power - the solution to providing energy for low cost housing?


The 6th Annual Construction Risk Management Conference was held last month in Sandton, where Jaco Cronje, EES Director, presented on the topic of ‘Carrying your organisation and technology into the next decade.’ In addition to speaking about construction and IT trends, he emphasised the need to increase the resilience of IT systems to prevent the risk of downtime. These issues are also covered in the release ‘IT in Africa’s construction industry’. Do you know what the risks are to your organisation’s IT reliability? We would be interested in exploring these factors with you to ensure a stable and secure IT environment.  


Monday 1 September marked EES' 13th birthday. Without the support of our clients and other stakeholders we would not have been able to meet this milestone. We are humbled and privileged to have you as business partners and thank you for your loyalty. Happy Birthday to EES and here's to many more years in business together!



Bradley Hemphill

Managing Director