EES - September 2016

September 2016

Digital transformation – keeping pace with progress

A technological revolution of unsurpassed dimensions, digital transformation is taking place at breakneck speed and is radically changing the face of client interactions. Consumers are becoming ever more demanding, and suppliers and service providers need to confront tough new challenges to stay ahead of their game.

Implications of digital transformation are two fold:
- Changing communication with clients;
- Optimising your company’s technological offerings and operational efficiency.

Leaders should aim to capitalise on growth areas, erode market share of traditional competition, and adopt an entrepreneurial spirit of experimentation making use of new and flexible approaches.

From My Pen

Digital transformation is changing the face of client interactions

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, how do we maximise two-way communication with clients and potential clients and build and maintain brand loyalty? How do we step up the relevance of our offerings, services and solutions against a backdrop of technical transformation?


In the recent white paper, ‘Digital Transformation - Keeping Pace With Progress’, I discuss how digital transformation, which is taking place at breakneck speed, is radically changing the face of client interactions and opening up increased levels of client engagement and service.


Our EES Africa value proposition focuses on translating technology into tangible deliverables, and one of the objectives at the top of our to-do list is therefore to ensure we continue to keep pace with digital transformation. 


We'd love you to share your thoughts and ideas on the topic with us. This will optimise two-way communication channels between ourselves and our stakeholders, and enable us to enhance the ways in which we can best address and meet your needs.



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